• Nikki Parker: I got somethin' that'll warm you right up!
  • Nikki Parker: *hands over a bottle of Alizée*
  • Prof. Oglevee: Alizée? Where did this come from?
  • Nikki Parker: Oh! This is part of my earthquake survival kit!
  • Prof. Oglevee: Aren't you supposed to have water for that?
  • Nikki Parker: Mm mm. Trust me, if something big happens, I wanna be drunk!
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.
Carl Jung (via mellow-wonder)

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The sun comes down,

and I’m around

for the sounds of the storm

and through it all,

I’m still holding on.

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Africa is my descent

and here I’m far from home,

I dwell within the land that’s meant

For many men not my tone



News say “unarmed man.”

That’s a child.

They say he stole candy. A baby. You kill a child over stolen candy? That’s probably worth $3.

We are just kids. Smh
Black kids.

Cashier called in and said he didn’t steal candy and that they didn’t call the police. Supposedly him and a friend were walking in the middle of the street going home and a cop told them to move, shot him from his car, and then got out and shot him again. His body was out for 5 hours and they didn’t let his mother ID the body.

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I need more of Him!!

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