I might as well,
hold you well,
if only you want me too.

I might as well,
kiss you well, honey
If only you allow me too.

Honey, Honey
Soulful and lovely,
I might as well go and tell

how much you mean to me.

Tony Nicholas “Might As Well” (via mellow-wonder)

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Sugary teardrops matched
the November rain,
Sugary yes, but they
couldn’t stop the pain, no.

Had soulful dreams of river flow, yeah
I just wanted you to know.

That these and those
savory, sugary teardrops
Sure do and don’t
mean a lot,
Unless you put in the work

To make room for love so divine.

It’s not a test of who is the best.
More so questions, more or less.
Sugary teardrops, Do
Get the best of even,
the best of us,


Tony Nicholas “Sugary Teardrops” (via mellow-wonder)

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To Smile
Does it hold your love
That you loved so tenderly
So long ago?
Does it stretch it’s arms
to employ a new love,
even though you still haven’t let go?

Do you reminisce in the kiss
that your teardrops grant your pillow?
Does your heart know, or is your mind forcing it so
The tenacity of the heartbreak
hits you, and it won’t be


Thinking about you as I watch
the moments we shared,
flash by like a lightning bolt
in the teardrop that effortlessly stains my pillow.
And I miss you even more
‘tho you don’t talk to me,
‘tho you don’t even know.

but I to smile because my heart carries on
the love that we once shared.

Tony Nicholas “Two Smile” (via mellow-wonder)

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when you have to go around the circle and introduce yourself to the group


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Afro Punk Hair #locs 😍 #AfroPunk

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Wake up it’s the first of the month 😭😭 ( Krayzie bone voice )
Can I get breakfast in bed or 🌾👀🌾…

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Gotta love Urban.

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Lay your head against
My chest
If you want to,
I’m reaching out right now,
Because I’m falling in
love with you.

Lay your head against
my pillowcase
If you want to,
I’ll play this old guitar
just for you,
Love with you

Lay your head against
Mine, Oh
If you want to,
Please tell me right now,
I just do it for the love of you

Tony Nicholas “Lay” (via mellow-wonder)

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Prince - “Clouds” (feat. Lianne La Havas)

New single from the 4thcoming album Art Official Age

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